The new moon in Capricorn occurs in the lunar mansion of Dhanishta. The symbol for this lunar mansion is a drum or a flute and is associated with dancing or keeping rhythm as in a drum. It is also referred to as the “Star of Symphony.”

People born with this lunar mansion prominent in their charts can have a real knack for dancing or musical ability as they are able to keep a beat. There can also be an emptiness within them that causes them to constantly try to fill a void. Relationship and marriage problems are common with this lunar mansion as well.

People born with their moon, ascendant or other personal planets in this lunar mansion in their charts are generally enthusiastic travelers and you will often find them far from home. I have observed from doing readings that many yogis have their moons or ascendants in this placement. Hmmm… seems like yogis and yoginis are always on the move.

Mars also enters Scorpio on February 20, where it joins Saturn for much of the year. This conjunction is one of the most prominent conjunctions that will flavor the year. Saturn has been in Scorpio for a while and has caused  frustration for some people in certain areas of their life where it transits in their chart. Mars will enter Scorpio where it is powerful and can help us to get “unstuck.” There will be some frustration still but we will have more warrior like discipline to overcome the obstacles presented to us.

The new moon also brings in the Chinese Year of the Monkey. The Monkey is known for being quick witted and charming. Monkeys really know how to make us laugh. However, the Year of the Monkey is not considered to be terribly auspicious by the Chinese standards.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up on the 14th I will put a little more focus on the planet Venus and how it could affect each ascendant sign. Most everyone wants to know about their love life or pleasure. As you may well know, Venus is the planet of love, beauty and sensuality. It also denotes music, poetry, women and great wealth. It rules the signs of Taurus and Libra and is exalted (at greatest strength) in the sign of Pisces.

Venus rules over our value systems as it rules Taurus, the second natural sign of the zodiac. The second house of our charts can tell a lot about what a person’s values are. There are sooo many things that I can say about this great planet but let me give you a little bit of background and astronomy. Some of our ancient ancestors thought that Venus was in fact two celestial bodies because it can be seen in the morning and the evening. Therefore, it is known as both the “morning star” and the “evening star.” It is one of the brightest objects in the sky. In fact, it is so bright that it has often been reported as a UFO! The surface of Venus is largely volcanic and very hot.

On February 12, Venus will enter the sign of Capricorn where it will stay for about a month. Venus in Capricorn is rather emotionally reserved but that does not mean that people with this placement are not passionate or affectionate. They will just not tend to show it outwardly as easily as other sign placements.

New Moon Horoscopes

The following predictions are for your natal rising sign but you can read for your Moon sign as well. Also, if you know where your natal Venus is then you can read some general characteristics under each sign for more insight. The placement of Venus in a person’s chart can give some insights into how the individual gives and receives love.


A promotion or raise that you were previously passed over for could very well land right in your lap in the first part of the month. Watch what you say in the workplace. People are taking notice of you and will look to you as a role model. If you are a business owner then consider updating your logo, website or image in general as Venus is transiting your tenth house. If you are single you could even meet a new love interest at work or a new job. Your current partner could be in a testy mood at the beginning of the month and you will need to exercise some patience.

If you have Venus in Aries natally this gives a tendency to be assertive and competitive in love matters. You like the chase when it comes to dating and can come on too strong in the beginning if you are not careful. There is also a tendency to being selfish in relationships.


Your work will be the focus of your life this month as the sun enters your tenth house of career on February 13. So much of your energy has been on relationships recently and this will be a nice change. You will finally get recognized for your hard work. You will feel a sense of renewal with your beliefs and spiritual path and this will bring you hope and comfort for the future as Venus makes a pass through the ninth house of your chart.

If you have Venus in Taurus in your birth chart then you are a person that values loyalty in your relationships. This is an excellent placement for Venus as it rules the sign of Taurus. It gives a sensual nature in general and a taste for the finer things in life.


It is time to take that trip that you have been planning or attend a class or workshop. The first part of the month the sun will transit your eighth house and this can be a period of low vitality for you. Be sure to get plenty of rest to rejuvenate. Venus transiting the eighth house can bring disappointment in love. You may need to readjust your expectations of your partner or current love interest. Perhaps they were too high to begin with.

If you have Venus in Gemini then you are a fun, talkative and expressive person. You need someone that you have an ease of communication with. You can also be fickle in love so will need someone who can go with the flow and provide some variety for you.


Your energy will be at a low point and you should get more rest. Try to get in bed by 10 p.m. each night to ensure that your body has time to renew itself. Curb any tendency to be right and practice humility in your communications with others. Through this you will transform. Letting go of perceived control will actually lead you to the greatest powers of the Universe. Venus transiting through your seventh house can bring more harmony into your committed or marriage relationships.

If you have Venus in Cancer in your birth chart then you seek security in relationships either through finances or emotionally. The Venus in Cancer person has a love for their home and is quite sensitive and sentimental in nature.


You are putting a lot of energy into re-branding and re-inventing yourself. Your life is changing and your whole focus is changing as a result. Your partner could be feeling a little neglected or left out. Make sure that you make a date night or check in frequently. Singles could meet someone through work. Venus transits your sixth house and this is also a house of service. How can you serve and help others? This will give you great pleasure.

If you have Venus in Leo in your natal chart then you have a flair for emotional drama and like to be the center of attention in your relationships. You can be very generous though. People are attracted to your warmth and outgoing style in general.


You will spend more time at work as business is picking up due to new and creative ideas. Continue to keep the lines of communication open with children. Others will seek your advice at this time as they sense that you are solid in your wisdom. Venus transits your fifth house of romance and creativity this month so you will want to take advantage of this and keep your heart open to the opportunities that could come your way.

If you have Venus in Virgo in your birth chart then you have what is considered a debilitated or weakly placed Venus. People with this placement tend to analyze their emotions as Virgo is a very intellectual sign. Do not despair if you have this for there are many other factors involved in analyzing relationship potential. Just be aware so that you can work with your emotions in a way that is healthy for you.


This is a good month for making home improvements and updates to your environment as Venus transits your fourth house of home and happiness. Add beautiful accents and art pieces to create an oasis that you cannot wait to come home to at the end of the day. You may even want to have a festive party with friends and family to show off your beautiful new environment.

Relationships in general are all important to Venus in Libra natives and they require harmony sometimes to the point of giving in for the sake of peace. They are sensual and loving partners. The keyword for Libra is balance.


You could have some unexpected expenses related to things breaking in your home. Watch out for things like gas or water leaks. Problems that have been hidden from view for a while will come to the surface and will require immediate attention. Mars enters your first house on February 21, giving you extra drive and energy. Try to curb any tendency to be impulsive though. You do not want to cause yourself or others an accident. Venus transits your third house and this is great for writing, communicating your ideas to others or taking short fun trips.

Venus in Scorpio is a very passionate placement. You can fall in love quickly and even become obsessed sometimes to the point of jealousy. This can cause many ups and downs in relationships. The upside of this placement is that you are capable of a very deep emotional connection if your passion is channeled in a healthy way.


If you are in a sales career or a job that requires speaking to the public this will be an especially good month for you as your charm and wit are at their peak. Others are really listening to what you have to say. You may want to buy sometimes luxurious for yourself or a loved one as Venus transits your second house of money and spending. Also, it is in the house of food so it will be a great time to have a wonderful meal with your loved ones. If you have Venus in Sagittarius in your natal chart then you have been receiving a lucky aspect from Jupiter this year that will last until August. This transit generally supports relationships and finances.

If you have Venus in Sagittarius then you have a more conservative approach to relationships. You can count on a Sagittarius to be honest with their emotions.


There is a focus on money matters. Get clear on exactly where your money goes. Curb the desire to spend on luxury items for money is up and down during this year. Venus is transiting your first house for most of the month and that is excellent news for Capricorn ascendants as Venus is considered the best planet for this sign. It is the Yoga Karaka planet and can give these people great artistic creative abilities. Keeping a sense of humor will help greatly and break the tension in relations to others. A visit from a female or your mother will be very comforting.

As I said before, Venus in Capricorn can be quite emotionally reserved. These people can make very good partners because of their patient and steady nature. They tend to marry later in life.


This is a happier time for partnerships in general. Your current spouse or partner may be under a lot of stress but if you are there for them then you will strengthen the bond. With Venus transiting your twelfth house you could take a fantastic trip to a foreign and exotic place.

If you have Venus in Aquarius then you are a free spirit and need your independence. Because of your strongly independent nature you can sometimes be viewed as detached or aloof. It is important for you to have someone you can be your friend and lover equally.


You will be spending a lot of time at work this year. Be sure to nurture yourself with some quality alone time or you may find yourself drained and compromise your health in the process. Meditation will give you the peace that you crave and help you to recharge your batteries. Venus transiting your eleventh house could bring in friends from the past and this will add a touch of sweetness to your life.

If you have Venus in Pisces in your birth chart then you have a high capacity for unconditional love. People can sense this and sometimes you get taken advantage of because of your selfless and compassionate nature. You can be extremely romantic.