As the sacred time of Navaratri approaches, this is an ideal time to turn your focus towards the inner and your divine gifts, while also transforming and healing in the process.

My own dharmic path has been wrought with deep pain, struggle and turmoil.

The pain and struggle of not knowing my life purpose, my reason for being alive was so challenging and dark, I lost my way over and over again. Drugs, alcohol, bouts of deep depression and suicidal thoughts were part of my struggle. Nothing was clear and I was terribly lost.

Years later, I can see the divine gifts in this darkness.

I know the pain of being terribly lost and without a sense of purpose.

My mission in life is to help others find their own compass and to spark a life of passion and joy.

The biggest challenge with dharma is that every path is completely unique and different. It’s mystifying and uncertain, vague and hidden in many ways.

Finding your dharma doesn’t need to be agonizing or terrifying though. A certain diligence and some special tools will help you uncover your path with more ease.

Step #1: Planting Seeds

The first thing you need to do is think about your lineage. Who in your family was a healer, artist or extremely spiritual? Remember to look beneath the surface. Often our ancestors weren’t fully able to express their creativity and gifts, but the seeds are there nonetheless. Your job is to notice where these threads are- and how they relate to you.

Was your grandmother in church every Sunday? Did she love to sing the hymns? Do you have a doctor or teacher in the family? A poet? These are important facts you want to write down. These gifts are within you and are waiting to be activated and shared with the world.

Next, write down your passions. What do you love to do and what would you spend your time doing if there was nothing standing in your way? Again, these are hints and clues that must not be neglected.

Finally, what tasks do you do everyday that you enjoy? What pieces of your life do you activate daily and find nourishing? Consider them clues. Don’t overlook the seemingly mundane tasks you do in your life. These are connected to your gifts and offerings.

Keep track of all of these pieces and add to your list as insights come!

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Ultimate Resources For Your Dharmic Path

The 9th house of your jyotish chart is the house of dharma. It is also the house of enlightenment, the evolution of the soul. Yes, there’s an entire house dedicated to dharma in your chart!

The rest of the chart can help you assess and explore the messages of your 9th house.

You can also study your navamsa (a special divisional chart) which gives even more detail and precision for your path and purpose. Jyotish truly shares it all!

There’s another essential piece of the puzzle you must not overlook: your challenges and shadows. It’s the place no one wants to look, but it’s the most vital part of the dharmic journey.

You must use your challenges and pains as resources for awakening.

The truth is, the darkness in your life and on your path is always connected to your dharmic path. They aren’t separate.

What are you biggest obstacles, challenges and pains? Put these on your resource list. You’ll need them as we continue to explore the essential pieces you must use to unlock the mystery of your dharmic path.

Get out your jyotish chart and follow along! Don’t have one? Get one from me here.