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Get Rid Of Ama Or Toxins {Or What I Call ‘Ama -Ick’}

As you’ve learned in the preceding articles, you have a fire living in your body and it is called Agni. Agni is responsible for the digestion, absorption, and assimilation of food. It allows you to see, regulates the body’s temperature, and gives a colorful complexion. More subtly, it regulates your prana or vital life force energy allowing you to feel strong, confident, joyful, and content. The strength of your Agni impacts immunity and vitality determines the length of your life.

If you are living in a balanced state, you don’t have to worry too much. You can eat, drink, and pretty much do what you want and you are going to feel great. If however, you are in a rut of stress or poor decision making, the mind and body will go out of balance and Agni is diminished.

When Agni is low or so high it ultimately burns out, you can no longer properly digest your food or emotions. In this state, a build up of undigested food and emotions forms in the body and mind and you are said to have Ama, or what I call Ama-Ick.

Ayurveda literally defines this as “undigested food stuff.” I call it Ama-Ick because when you have it, you can see it and you think, “ick.” An extreme example of Ama-Ick would be the morning after a big night out. Imagine you go out with friends, eat pizza, drink beer, maybe have a late night snack, and go to bed well into the morning hours. The next day you wake up feeling groggy and puffy. Your eyes are shiny or really dull. Your skin has no luster. You are bloated. You stick out your tongue and “ick,” it is covered in a white slimy paste.

If a doctor were to draw your blood and run it through a centrifuge, you would see the red blood go to the bottom and a whitish yellow substance go to the top. On this morning you would have a lot of the whitish yellow substance. This is the fatty substance that thickens your blood, causes inflammation, destroys immunity, and over time leaves deposits in your veins and arteries. Again, “Ick.”

Now we’ve all been there so don’t freak out. It takes just 35 days to completely purify the tissue system of the body right down to your vital life force energy.

Here is a plan of purification and elimination of Ama. Embrace it for at least three days and then eat for your unique body type to maintain health.

• Arise with the sun.

• Scrape the Ama from your tongue with a steel tongue scraper.

• Brush your teeth with Neem toothpaste.

• Splash cold water on your face and treat the skin with Sesame Oil.

• Move the body for thirty minutes.

• Meditate for 20 minutes.

• Contemplate or pray for 10 minutes.

• Appropriate food for cleansing and in the following proportionate order: (1) Beans, (2) Vegetables, (3) Grains, (4) Fruits, (5) Nuts, Seeds, & Oils

• Prior to breakfast, drink a cup of hot water with lemon.

• Eat a light breakfast.

• Eat lunch around noon and make it your biggest meal.

• Eat dinner not within two hours of bedtime and go for a short walk after dinner.

• Be in bed relaxing around 10 pm.

I recommend daily doses of neem, triphala, and flax oil not just when purifying the blood, but for life as preventative maintenance. I also recommend a yoga practice. It doesn’t have to be power yoga and in fact, gentle yoga is most nourishing to the mind and will teach you the skills you need to manage stress throughout the day.

Digestive Health Guide

Your Objectives:

Set aside 3 days for this simple purification.

Share your comments, questions and experiences below.

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Pamela Quinn

Pamela Quinn is the author of “The Elemental Cleanse,” founder of Elemental OM Studios, and Holistic Coach. She is certified as a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic specialist, and teacher of Kundalini. Pamela brings a unique perspective to the ancient modalities of yoga and Ayurveda making all easy to understand and implement. Pamela is passionate about helping others transform and heal.

Adena Says…

As you can see – it really is all about agni. Pamela is concise and straightforward in her approach, and also quite clear. Ama is the result of low agni and heavy, sticky foods dampen agni.  Come back to that idea of like increasing like.  The good news is that we can eat to aid agni, to help in the removal of toxins.  Which is what our body does naturally, if we’d just let it!

Adena’s bio

Adena Rose Harford is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Panchakarma therapist, professionally trained in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.  She helps women heal from painful menstrual cycles and stubborn digestive complaints.

Adena is the founder of Adena Rose Ayurveda and the online program The Healing Diet.