This guide is all about your metabolic fire and how to balance it so your digestion runs optimally.

In Ayurveda, your metabolic fire is known as agni. Agni is responsible for your ability to assimilate and digest not only gross food but also ahara, anything you take in through the five senses.

Getting a handle on your metabolic fire is a key to your digestive health and your well being throughout life.

Your Digestive Health Experts

Adena Rose Harford

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Pamela Quinn

Elemental Om

Noah Volz, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Noah Volz

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Dr. Sharada Hall


Learn valuable tools you can utilize throughout your life.

  • You’ll learn the four types of agni and begin to identify which agni types you may be prone to.
  • You’ll learn the dietary concepts that support healthy agni, and which do not.
  • You’ll receive 3 agni tea recipes which you can make at home, plus herb charts loaded with valuable information about chief Ayurvedic herbs.
  • You’ll learn all about Triphala, the ‘mother’ herb, a gentle cleanser and detoxifier for the colon.
  • You’ll receive a firm message on the importance of living right, following the yamas and your own responsibility to your health.
  • Finally, you’ll learn all about the brilliant Ayurvedic cleansing process called Panchakarma, an effective, nourishing and balancing cleansing regime which can be tailored to all body types.