In the coming weeks and months, these December planetary transits will play out. There will be an increase of Ketu‘s cutting energy. Ketu is the tail of the serpent who brings release, cutting of attachments and forced letting go. He brings liberation, ultimately, but usually not without pain. 

December Planetary Transits…

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury will retrograde on December 19th for roughly three weeks, until January 8th. This prolongs his stay in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, who is fortunately a friend.

Mercury lands in Mula Nakshatra. This constellation is notorious for sparking change, transition, release and uprooting. This is a powerful opportunity for uprooting old, outdated personal mythology with all things Mercury. This includes communication, connections, commerce, business, money, creativity, writing, computers and all resources of connection.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus arrives in Capricorn at 05:53 am MST on December 2nd, joining exalted Mars here. Jupiter gives his gaze from Virgo, supporting some extra benevolence and communication. Mars and Venus are a dynamic pair, often bringing great courage with co-creation and connection. This 25 day transit of Venus will bring more creative courage and dynamism with hands, the arts, expression and connection.

Mars in Aquarius

Mars moves to Aquarius on December 11th at 05:54 am MST, joining Ketu here. No doubt there will be an intensification of the rocky past few months as Mars nears exact conjunction with Ketu on December 27th. There will be some final release and forced letting go as a result of these two fiery planets conjoining in the sign of duality.

Full Moon in Taurus

The December Full Moon is on the 13th at 17:05 MST. Moon is in its mulitrikona sign, a great place for emotional expression and connection. Full Moon in Taurus and Mrigashirsha nakshatra brings reaching and extending into new territory and resources in the coming cycle. Branch out and seek new nectar for your soul. Attract more of what you need.

Sun in Sagittarius

Sun shifts out of Saturn’s energy, away from conjunction with this heavy, planet of grief, on December 15th, arriving in Sagittarius at 08:02 am MST. As our light source lands in this fire sign, he enters the challenging gandanta of Mula. Expect deep transformation, uprooting and release on the levels of your masculine self- as well as with the male relationships in your life.

Winter Solstice

The first day of winter for the Northern Hemisphere (first day of Summer for the Southern Hemisphere) arrives on December 21st at 03:44 am MST. For those of us beginning the silence of winter, Solstice marks a powerful turning point. It is the darkest day of the year with the least amount of sunlight, creating the longest night. It is a still point in the season, inviting deep silence, pause and reflection on the past seasons.

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Venus in Aquarius

Just before the new Moon On December 28th, Venus moves to Aquarius, a friend’s sign that is synonymous with duality. This air sign is dual ruled by both Rahu and Saturn. Venus joins Ketu and Mars here, while Rahu gives his gaze 7 houses away. This is a highly transformational cycle for Venus- the planet of love, beauty, the feminine and all creative acts.

New Moon in Sagittarius

The December New Moon is the 28th at 23:54 MST as Moon moves through Sagittarius and Purvashada Nakshatra. This is a cycle of healing through awakening, inner wisdom and seeing the light. Relationships will be a particularly important part of this healing process. Get clear on your needs and focus on what you do have control over, not what has left you feeling depleted and stuck. Deepen your inner growth and awareness. 

* All timing is Mountain Standard Time.

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