There is an energy in your mind called Vata Dosha.  It is responsible for the movement of your thoughts and gives you a colorful personality.  Vatas tend to have high energy bursts, are quite creative, love all things new, love to start amazing projects, hate to finish amazing projects, are connected into the latest and greatest, resist routine, are highly sensitive, and quite intuitive.

Just imagine a colorful butterfly bouncing from shiny new flower to shiny new flower and you understand Vata personality.

It seems obvious Vata is destined for a dynamic and glamorous career.  Finding the perfect and sustainable job offering ultimate happiness is going to require characteristics lacking in Vata, patience, disciplined focus, and follow through.  So, don’t impulsively take the first job you are offered out of fear or worry.  Find your perfect job.

A Creative Person’s Guide

In planning a career, you need to consider your day to day routine for optimal health.  Vatas tend to enjoy sleeping in until 7 am.  Of course, they could get up earlier, but having worked with many Vatas in a one-on-one coaching sessions over the years, I now understand completely it is simply better to let the Vatas sleep in until 7 am.  So, if you are looking for a career,  you will not want to arrive at your job before 9 or 10 am.  This is going to give you time to get up, lolly gag around a bit,  and harness the morning hours to organize, plan, and create. As long as you remember to eat lunch and snacks, you love to work later into the night. In fact, you are highly productive after the other distracting people in the office go home.

Vatas are highly sensitive and the morning commute can have them frazzled by the time they arrive at the office.  This is also true for the drive home.  Again, this is a good reason to not choose a job with an 8 or 9 am start time.  You need freedom to come and go, lots of down time, and plenty of vacation.  Make sure you have a boss who understands the power of the flow of your mind.  When you enjoy what you do, you work in your mind all the time.  You think it’s fun.

Environment is very important.  Vatas love an open and elegant floor plan with access to nature.  Highly social & motivated by change, you love working for a company with moveable walls.  Look for a an office door for when you need to re-charge, but in an environment where you don’t want to close the door.  Find an office with natural and low lighting and if you can’t get a view of a tree, bring a tree to your desk.  Make sure you can decorate your office the way you like it and make sure it’s okay to be an organized mess.  Look for a company with a cafeteria, coffee nooks, and open spaces for collaborative work.

A job sitting at a computer, answering phones, dealing with critical or complaining people, or doing the same task over and over feels like death to a Vata.

Vatas love to come up with new creative ideas, but hate to follow through.  Key to your success is to have a boss holding you accountable or a board of directors if you are an entrepreneur.  Hire a personal assistant who is of a Kapha nature and can keep you on track. Hand off your projects when you get bored to qualified Pittas and Kaphas.

Vatas love creating, performing, speaking, teaching, and working with large groups.  Be mindful all of this will burn you out if you do not take daily time to rest and relax.  A career of travel sounds exotic and fun, but quickly unbalances Vata.  Vata needs a home base to ground the energy of movement.  Talking exhausts Vata, so know if your career is speaking and teaching, you will need more time in isolation to re-charge at the beginning or end of your day.

Pamela Quinn | Elemental Om

Pamela Quinn

The sky is truly the limit with ever changing and adaptable Vatas. Because of this, don’t plan to stay in any one job for more than a few years.  Always be learning and improving.  Always be looking for the next promotion, raise, or job.

I hope this is helpful.  Peace, Pamela Quinn

Pamela Quinn is the author of “The Elemental Cleanse.”  She is a formerly practicing CPA with a specialty in entrepreneurial services.  Visit her at Elemental OM.