Ahh, the delicious joy of summer. Hot days, bright sun, outings in nature, staying up late and eating fun food. These are the things to love about summer!

In Ayurveda, summer is Pitta season and that’s the season of the fire element. The five elements again are earth, air, fire, water and space. Summer, being the hot season, naturally provokes health problems related to heat.

Some of the concerns that can arise include: dehydration, sun stroke and aggravated heat.

When the fire element (Pitta dosha) is high you feel grumpy, tired or irritated and you might not even know why. You might experience diarrhea, rashes, sunburn or heat stroke.

So what can you do to avoid high Pitta? Follow these simple daily regimes and use the following herbs, essential oils and colors to help you stay in balance this summer.

1. Stay Hydrated

The hours between 10am and 2pm are dominated by the fire element. If you know you easily overheat, spend these hours indoors or in the shade. If you need to be outside between 10am and 2pm, drink plenty of water!

To make your water more fun and easier to drink slice up cucumbers, limes and add honey and salt. This drink is cooling, balancing to the nervous system and will keep your electrolytes in balance.

2. Wear Natural Fabrics in Cool Colors

Cotton, hemp and linen are perfect for summer because they are breathable and natural. Colors that soothe your fire element are white, blues, greens and pastels. You can accent your home and office with these color to keep your mind cool too!

3. A Dab Of Essential Oil

One of the signs that Pitta dosha is becoming imbalanced is exhaustion. If you notice that you feel grumpy and tired and aren’t sure why, you might just need a little cooling. My favorite essential oil blend for Pitta can be placed on your heart chakra and third eye.

Pitta Dosha Anointing Oil

4 Ways To Cool Your Fire Element (Pitta Dosha)


  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 3 drops rose or palma rosa oil
  • 3 drops lime oil
  • 2 drops vetiver oil


  1. Combine all ingredients in a clean, dry container and enjoy!


This is SUCH a calming oil  As soon as you put it on your third eye your mind melts! Putting a drop in the center of the chest releases anxiety and irritation.

4. Daily Routine

A big part of balance is daily regime. In the summer we often stay up late. If we are on holidays, we might eat in many places and at odd times. To help maintain your balance without cramping your style, be sure to hydrate yourself first thing in the morning after a late night.

When you do go out, try to eat balanced mini-meals that are natural and healthy. Spend some time in silence to reset your nervous system. Dedicate two ten minute intervals a day to sitting in silence, just breathe and visualize your entire body floating in cool water, allowing your heart, mind and body to relax and reset.

Enjoy your summer and keep cool!

Lots of love,
Christine Machiraju

Image: Unsplash.com