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Seasonal Sleep Tips: Essentials + Remedies For Fall Slumber

Seasonal Sleep Tips

Following seasonal rhythms is not something that only happens in nature. Our bodies, too, need fall to readjust…it’s the perfect time to slow down, restore and renew ourselves. Although we’ve set the clocks back, some may be having a hard time adjusting to a new sleep routine. A lack of sleep can affect our immunity,…

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Don’t fight the urge to Yawn! Ayurvedic Treatment for Vata Disorders

  Don't fight the urge to yawn. Ayurveda stresses that frequent suppression of a yawn, results in disorders such as numbness of the neck and head, headaches, earaches, light-headedness and other symptoms of vata aggravation. Ayurvedic treatment for such Vata related conditions includes: Regular head massage with hot oils, such as sesame and mustard are…

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Top Ten Causes Of Sleepless Nights

With 30% of Americans suffering from sleep deficit issues, many have turned to medications such as Ambien, (3) despite highly publicized reports of its risks, such as “severe allergic reaction, swelling and “complex sleep-related behaviors” which may include sleep driving.” Sleep driving is defined as, “driving while not fully awake after ingestion of a sedative-hypnotic…

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