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Frieda's Pantry Postpartum Nutrition Bar Giveaway
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Free Giveaway: Freida’s Pantry, Postpartum Nutrition Bars

We're super excited to share that Freida's Pantry, a postpartum nutrition bar is now available in the U.S. Freida's Pantry bars are inspired by Ayurvedic principles and formulated to meet the needs of new moms. “Freida’s Pantry was born from necessity after the difficult birth of my third son,” said Sharon Kaur, founder of Freida’s…

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2 Powerhouse Ingredients SkinVeda’s Shilpi Jain Loves

Shilpi Jain is a Cosmetic Formulations Scientist with an educational background in chemistry, a work history in drug research and a rich family immersion in Ayurveda. The sum total of her experience culminates in SkinVeda, a natural skincare line produced in Plano, TX. SkinVeda blends Ayurvedic herbs with modern skincare, uses sustainable resources and is…

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