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Ayurveda At A Crossroads: Critical Questions For Today's Ayurveda Community
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October Is Ayurveda Awareness Month

This October Ayurveda Next Door along with Ayurvedic practitioners across the globe are encouraging you to discover home remedies and healthy living tips for a happy, productive and healthy life.  October is Ayurveda Awareness Month Ayurveda is a natural system of health and wellbeing and the sister-science to yoga. It originated in India thousands of years…

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How To Make Sense Of Your Ayurvedic Consultation {Demystifying Ayurveda}

Ayurvedic practitioners may sometimes seem holier than thou. You go for an Ayurvedic consultation, unsure of exactly what you're going to come away with. They check your pulse, your tongue, and ask you deeply personal questions. Then you walk away with tips like 'chew slowly,' 'drink ginger tea,' 'rub oil all over your body,' or 'say…

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