‘How and What to Eat’ has been a topic on my mind since I was a young teenager. Thankfully, Ayurveda answered a lot of my questions and concerns about what my own body, my own unique constitution needs. The question remains open though, on a daily basis, as our doshas are always in flux. What remains constant are the lifestyle practices that are central to eating and living well. Here’s a list of the best practices for healthy eating I’ve learned, one way or another over the years.

1. Be present.
When it’s time to eat, put your worries and your work aside. Being fully present allows your whole body and mind to be nourished by the experience.

2. Sit!
It seems there’s some debate as to whether or not sitting while eating is actually good for some people. From the view of Ayurveda however, sitting is recommended.

3. Relax while eating.
When we eat in a hurry gulping back our food, we end up swallowing air resulting in gas, bloating and upset stomach. If our stomach muscles are tight, proper digestion can’t take place. An upset stomach may be the result! So relax while you eat.

4. Say a Blessing.
It is becoming more widely acknowledged that our food takes on the energy of our thoughts. Bless your food, however you wish.

5. Enjoy the experience.
Savor the aroma, taste and texture of your food. Indulge your senses! So much pleasure can be had while we eat.

6. Enjoy a variety of foods.
Include fruits, salad, grain and protein with your meal. Vary your foods throughout the week so you get a range of  nutrients.

7. Eat fruits and raw foods first.
Fruits should be eaten first, otherwise they will not digest properly. Salads should be eaten second, then grains and proteins. This order promotes optimal digestion.

8. Be thankful.
You’ve been provided with nature’s bounty. Be thankful.

9. Repeat!
Regularity in sleeping and eating is highly regarded in Ayurveda as this keeps the doshas in a balanced state.

10. Discover foods appropriate to your constitution.
Enhance your own well-being using Ayurvedic principles. Your experience of life will surely change as the doshas become balanced. Check out these articles for more information.

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