Happy Holidays! Please enjoy our curated selection of Ayurveda and yoga products for everyone on your list.

Ayurveda Next Door is an affiliate of Banyan Botanicals as well as the Getting Started With Ayurveda program.

Winter Health Stocking Stuffers: Herbal Zap Immune Drink + Banyan Botanical’s Nasya Oil

Herbal Zap



Nasya Oil













Herbal Zap Photo: Birzerphoto.com

Nasya Oil Photo: BanyanBotanicals.com

For the wellness aficionado, the newest (and oldest) diet on the book shelves

The Hot Belly Diet

Photo: Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar

For the provider, a gift of indulgence, relaxation and renewal

Contact your local practitioner for gift certificates.

Photo: AyurvedaNextDoor.com

For the yogi and yogini, Vastra’s herb-infused Ayurvedic yoga mat + the Getting Started With Ayurveda online program

Vastra Yoga Mat

Photo: Vastra

Getting Started With Ayurveda

Photo: Hale Pule Ayurveda & Yoga

For the skincare lover, Hamsa Apothecary’s Bija Eye Serum

Hamsa Ayurveda's Bija Eye Serum

Photo: HamsaAyurveda

For a dear one,Banyan Botanical’s dosha-specific oil + A promise of Massage

Vata Massage Oil

Photo: BanyanBotanicals.com

For the artist,healer and spiritual adventurer, a jyotish reading with SwatiJrJyotish.

Jyotish Reading










Photo: SwatiJrJyotish.com


For the seeker, Inner Engineering with Sadhguru

Inner Engineering with Sadhguru

Photo: Isha USA