Hi, I’m Suley Angelica, I love nature and Ayurveda. I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Massage Therapist, and Geographer. In this space I will share some really cool places, people and opportunities that will give you a never forgetting Ayurveda Puerto Rico experience in the Caribbean. I will give you the best tips I know, so you can have an Ayurvedic adventure in Puerto Rico, as I think you deserve it as the wonderful being you are.

Yoga + Ayurveda Puerto Rico, A Tropical Vacation

Puerto Rico is a beautiful and blessed small Island in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is rich in biodiversity and charismatic people. It has awesome places like tropical rain forest, paradisiac beaches, dry forest, amazing mountains with waterfalls, and a active and creative Ayurvedic and yogic community all around the island.

What to do in San Juan

Yoga + Ayurveda Puerto RIco

The Quadruple Suite at The Dreamcatcher Guesthouse, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photo via dreamcatcherpr.com.

After arriving in San Juan International Airport first thing you will need to do is stabilize and ground yourself. A tropical and relaxed way to do it is staying at the Dreamcatcher Guesthouse at least for two nights. Dreamcatcher is the only vegetarian guest house in San Juan with beautiful rooms decorated with a unique style all of its own. You can walk to the beach or borrow a bike and go for a ride around the neighborhood. In this same San Juan neighborhood, you can find the best Ashtanga Yoga School in Puerto Rico with community classes every day at 11am.

The best option for a real, good and complete lunch is Berlingeri Cocina Artesanal, just 10 minutes walking from the Dreamcatcher. Also Close to the Guest House is Old San Juan, the Historic side of San Juan. I recommend you go on Saturday. Go first to “El Mercado Agricola Natural”, an outdoor farmers Market with plenty of tropical multicolored fruits and vegetables. This market is really amazing. It is in the interior garden of the Old San Juan Museum, a building with the architecture of the Spain colonial time. On your way back you can stop at the Condado Lagoon for a Sunset Paddle Yoga Session.

The Local Ayurvedic Lifestyle

For travelers who love to walk off the beaten path and experience magical places where you can feel like home (like me), use the Tren Urbano. The Tren Urbano is the public transportation by train. It will get you to most of these places.

Dhanvantari Moon Ayurvedic Lifestyle is my best gift to you, a personal project, under the love, guidance, inspiration and light of Sri Dhanvantari and Grandmother Moon. I live in love with nature and Ayurveda. My services include Ayurvedic counseling, consultation and bodywork therapies like abhyanga, lymph drainage, reflexology, trigger points, myofascial release and others. I love to create dosha balancing medicine for my clients. These include abhyanga oils, essential oils blends, tea blends, salves and medicinal ghee.

Yoga + Ayurveda Puerto Rico

Ayurvedic massage therapy at Sadhana Healing, San Francisco, PR. Image via sadhanahealing.com.

I work with botanic potions, aromatherapy and juice therapy. Gift yourself a Joyful Mini Pancha Karma (PK) and experience an integral body system reboot with the magic of detoxifying and balancing techniques. When you do your mini PK, start your day receiving the sacred sunlight. Take a bracing walk in the Botanic Garden of San Juan and enjoy a pranic and grounding meditation under enormous trees. For more information about Dhanvantari Moon, call 787-459-7763.

Sadhana Healing Arts is a holistic center, where you can experience a spiritual yoga practice in a variety of styles and levels with mantra, pranayama and meditation. Sadhana Healing Arts offers seasonal Yoga and Detox Retreats in Vieques, one of the offshore island municipalities of Puerto Rico, just 7 miles off the east coast.

Mr. Paolo Di Pietro is an Ayurvedic Therapist and Educator. He offers Ayurveda Food & Nutrition consultations and a wide range of Ayurvedic Products, some locally made in Puerto Rico and some imported directly from India. He also offers Ayurveda Farms Agro-Tours. These are educational guided tours where you can see a wide range of locally grown Ayurvedic herbs, and enjoy the fresh river, mountains and beaches from the island. Paolo is the founder of ayurvedatutor.com. Every Wednesday from 7 to 9pm he offers free Ayurveda lectures and conferences  at Farmacia Divina Presencia, in San Juan. He also offers Ayurveda Cooking classes and snacks. Mr. Paolo seeks the root of the accurate science of Ayurveda. He says we should use common sense to find true definitions of health and achieve a recognition of our own wisdom of life. He can be reached at 787-645-9665.

Rasayana is a lovely Ayurvedic rejuvenation program created for those seeking self renewing alternatives to achieve wellbeing from the cell to the heart. In Rasayana you will enjoy a variety of therapies to relax, detox and shine, like: swedana, udvartana, bastis, shirodara, breathing techniques, sound healing, and more. Also you can enjoy any of their wonderful rasayana (rejuvenative) packages, from Surrender, to Unwind, Rebirth, or Rewake. Rasayana is located at Tort Therapeutic Elements in the Rio Piedras Heights neighborhood of San Juan.

Where The Locals Eat

My favorite option for delicious and nutritious Ayurvedic food, especially designed for your Doshic needs, is Frances Fuentes. Frances is an Ayurvedic Consultant who lives her passion for healing through her creative flair in the kitchen. She creates daily or weekly diets for any kind of imbalance you could have, and she’ll treat you with the most important medicine, food. She also has the knowledge and experience to improve and strengthen the function of the immune and excretory systems with Lymph Drainage Therapy. Frances includes herbal infusions and medicinal juices in her balancing diets. She caters special events and offers delivery. You can reach Frances at 787-709-3121.

Yoga + Ayurveda Puerto RIco

Indian feast from Govinda’s Veggie Garden, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

For Indian food, the local favorite is Govinda’s Veggie Garden. Govinda’s is a cozy and familiar vegetarian restaurant. They make organic and gluten free items and are open for lunch only. Govinda’s is a sattvic place just in the middle of the metropolitan area. You can get there by train (the stop is Domenech) and you can find them on Facebook.

If you crave a good organic and vegetarian pizza you can’t lose at Peace n’ Loaf, an eco, vegan friendly spot. They use greens and veggies from local farmers and don’t use plastic or foams. They have a cruelty and chemical free policy and are committed to the environment and the community. My favorite pizza is any with the turmeric dough along with a glass of fresh local spring water.

Also you can find on the first and third Sunday of the month, the biggest Farmer’s Market in Puerto Rico. The Cooperativa Madre Tierra (Mothers Earth Coop) is located in la Plaza de Roosevelt in Hato Rey, a metropolitan neighborhood in San Juan. You can get there by train. This Farmer’s Market offers organic crops from around the island. They serve local, fresh, healthy, seasonal food and drinks and do regularly educational multidisciplinary conferences.

In Bayamon, Devotional Experiences + More

Bayamon is a municipality in Puerto Rico. It’s only 15 minutes from San Juan, as long as you don’t get stuck in the weekday traffic from 4pm to 7pm.

The Bhakti Yoga Ashram P.R. is a sacred refuge. It’s a temple for spiritual consecration and self-realization through study, meditation, art and service. They offer oriental philosophy and meditation workshops, Vedic Astrology, Bhakti, Hatha and Mantra Yoga, meditation, fire ceremonies, vegetarian cooking, ecological community and more. You can also enjoy their back yard eco-trail. When you walk up the mountain you’ll find a geomorphological manifestation of Sri Ganesha and Lakshmi. Every Wednesday night they offer an educational talk on the Vedas. Accommodations are for women only. Connect with them on Facebook.

In Bayamon you can find natural foods shopping at the Natural Organics Nutrition Center. This is the first Health Food store in PR. It’s a family business with affordable prices for everyone. Here you can find cruelty-free, vegan, vegetarian, non-gmo and organic foods, along with vitamins and products for beauty and healthy skin including natural toothpaste, sunblock or sesame oil for your sunny beach day. You can get there from San Juan using the train.

Magical Outdoor Adventures Around The Island

Puerto Rico is a great place to melt into Mother Earth’s essence and soul. From the north to the south and the west to the east, many different extraordinary places can be found. You will be able to enjoy with deliverance any of our natural reserves from  coastal beach forest like El Corredor Ecológico del Noereste to the Tropical Rainforest mountains of El Yunque Caribbean National Rainforest. My favorite is the rainforest day hike, including walking through the clouds in the dwarf trees forest at the top of the mountains and bathing in waterfalls.

If you like this idea I suggest the Beelove Guest House where you become part of the local family and you can live with the bees in the main square of the Luquillo town, near El Yunque and the Corredor Ecológico del Noreste. Luquillo is about 45 minutes to the east of San Juan. While there, visit the Luquillo Farmers Market on Saturdays.

Yoga + Ayurveda Puerto RIco

Connect with nature. Enjoy lush hiking and yoga with Yoga Bien Adentro.

If you have an adventurous soul Yoga Bien Adentro takes you deep into your True Nature… yoga, hiking, guided meditations, visualizations, waterfalls, tea parties and mini-workshops in the most exotic, challenging and sacred places of Puerto Rico. Get ready to connect with Nature in a life-transforming experience with Rasa Yoga, an inspiring and joyful Ayurveda and Yoga community lead by Melba Soto.

If you are looking for an extraordinary Ayurvedic Farm Experience you can’t miss Finca Pajuil, where you can practice yogardening, feed the goats, and enjoy a collection of Ayurvedic Herbs that are growing happily on the land. Finca Pajuil means ‘cashew farm’ and is an auto sufficient and agro-ecological farm with a 13 acre Ayur-rican Apothecary of permaculture design.

Located in Barrio Pajuil in the town of Hatillo (north, 80 minutes from San Juan), Finca Pajuil focuses on Ayurvedic practices targeted at the tropics. The self-called Ayurrican or Ayurriqueñas (Ayurvedic Puertorrican or Puertorriqueñas) team of herbalists and holistic healers share knowledge with the community. Educational events include intern programs, WWOOOFing, school field trips, and agro-tourism activities such as tours and farm-to-table events.

Finca Pajuil is an Ayurvedic School and Spa where one can not only come to learn about healthy, happy and holistic lifestyles, but also receive treatment therapies done with the bountiful botanical blessings found onsite. The main crop is Tulsi, the queen of herbs, while other crops include turmeric, ginger, moringa, spearmint, peppermint, and one of our favorites, bala or Indian hemp. 

Also the peaceful gathering of souls at Finca El Guayacan in Ciales (60 minutes north of San Juan) is something to experience. Guayacan is one of the most beautiful trees in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. In Finca El Guayacan you can enjoy being surrounded by big trees, tropical fruit trees and Ayurvedic herbs, also you can have a vedic astrology session, yoga, meditation,  prayer, chanting, camping and a mystical rural experience. In Finca El Guayacan they celebrate Fire ceremonies and honoring ceremonies. On July 25, 2016 Dr. Keshava Bhat, father of Tropical Naturism, will be honored with a Horning Ceremony.

The most elevating and transcendental adventures you can explore is climbing one of the biggest and oldest Grandpa’s of the Island. With the blessing, knowledge and technique of the Arbonautas Tree Climbing Caribbean you can camp all day and night in the top of the tallest tree in the Rainforest. Meditate with the profound view of the Atlantic Ocean or the light and wavy Caribbean Sea. This experience will transform your emotions with happy hormones. Serotonin and endorphins help you achieve hormonal balance for your divine being.

A Climate Of Warmth And Love

Yoga + Ayurveda Travel Guide, Destination: Puerto RIco

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico or Borikén as the Native people named this land, have a rich biodiversity and we are grateful for the hot and moist climate with half a day of pure and direct sun light. Pitta Climate governs Puerto Rico so be aware to have so much tropical fun with Salsa and Afro Caribbean music and intensely amazing people. Also you should be prepared for sweating or skin irritation. Bring light and fresh cloths, sandals and hiking boots, sunglasses, a nice hat and swimwear. Also we can experience unexpected rains and really nice summer breezes. You can travel to this beautiful island and balance all your Dosha with any of these experiences.

See you Soon!