As a mom of four teenagers I often hope that I am not passing down my body image issues to my daughters.

They have called me out a few times for saying that I am feeling huge. One of my daughters said to me “you are always telling us to be body positive. If you speak badly about your body but expect us to love ourselves you are being a hypocrite.”

Well sheesh!

So I went back to my dosha type notes and remembered – Kapha is a body type that is a combination of earth and water! Sacred, grounding, supportive earth and soothing, flowing, calming water.

I was thrown back to a healing workshop I went to. We were partnered with someone who would help us heal an old wound. My partner was a woman who easily weighed 300 plus pounds. When I started crying as my wound came up she literally took me into her lap and said “the Goddess gave me all these curves so people could sink into her love and be held and cushioned and enveloped in her love.” Those words have NEVER left me in the nine years after my seminar because that is exactly how I felt in her arms. She changed the way I thought of my body.

Nature’s sacred elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether were all stirred in the pot of our mother’s womb. Along with our doshic makeup or prakruti was our goals and talents and purpose to create the perfect body, mind and emotional type for us to do our perfect work on this plane.

Society tries to tell us that we need to look a certain way but what does society know compared to the alchemy of nature?

Positive Body Image: What My Kids Say

One of my daughters is muscly and her body is so beautifully hard. She used to ask me why her bum was big and hard and I told her that’s because fire runs strong in her veins. She is incredible – so brave and direct and honest! She’s the perfect Pitta. She has stood up for truth since she could stand. My other kids get angry at her directness sometimes but I remind her of this here:

You were born with a staff of fire, you will learn to carry it in just the right way as you grow. You were created with that fire in you for a reason. Don’t be ashamed and if people tell you they don’t like the way you talk then just reflect and ask yourself if there is anything you would change to be kinder or more helpful. Learn how to wield your fire in a way that inspires change without being cruel!

My 13 year old is a strong, curvy kapha girl with an artistic heart and a deep love for all of nature. One day we were all talking about our weight and she said, ‘I don’t get on the scale because I know I have big bones and I am beautiful. I don’t need to know a number that might make me feel bad about myself.’ I attribute this self love to the fact that she has known that she is kapha, a nurturer, a healer and an artist with a soft, gentle body, mind and heart that can help everyone around her feel loved!

My son who is very vata has been trying to “get big”. He lifts weights, takes protein and just gets slim! One day he came to me and said, ‘I think I am just that kind of guy who is going to get lean and shredded but I am not going to get huge and that’s ok, I am more of the air body type.’

My oldest daughter struggled with her kapha – vata body type until she learned which foods to eat and which exercises to do to help her tone up and have tons of energy.

I offer a deep bow to this sacred science of Ayurveda. It enables people of all shapes and sizes to love themselves as a brilliant work of art – created by nature to fulfill our soul’s work.¬†This science will help you love yourself and spread that love to those you hold close to your heart.