Sunny Rose Healey

About the Author Sunny Rose Healey

I'm the director of Mama Ayurveda, a little organization that strives to support women as they navigate health, cycles, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and being a woman! A NAMA certified practitioner, I've been on faculty at the Ayurvedic Institute since 2009, where I gratefully received my foundation in Ayurveda. During my first pregnancy, I searched for a guide based on Ayurvedic principles to help me navigate pregnancy and postpartum. Finding very little, I co-founded Mama Ayurveda to fill this gap. We’ve just released a postpartum guide and cookbook, and will release a corresponding mini-course and guides for pre-conception and pregnancy later this year! I’m currently an Apprentice Midwife working toward licensure, with a degree in Holistic Midwifery from La Matrona. I have an Ayurvedic practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I live with my husband and 2 young children.