Kimberly Thoits

About the Author Kimberly Thoits

Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Counselor Attending the University of Hawaii, Kimberly found a deep interest in holistic well-being and vibrant living. Through her yoga practice and passion for health, she was guided to Ayurveda and instantly resonated with the ancient wisdom of life, seeing it as the missing piece from her previous studies. She earned her BA of Health and Nutrition from the University of Hawaii, and has been attending Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda since January 2014. She is a state certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Diet Counselor and is continuing her studies to further her certifications within Ayurveda. With the perspective of Western nutrition and the knowledge of traditional healing arts, Kimberly is passionate about helping, connecting, and empowering people to heal through nutrition and lifestyle choices. She is currently doing her internship and working part time with us.