Joelle Foster

About the Author Joelle Foster

Joelle came into this life with a passion for astrology. She began by studying Western astrology as a young adult but always felt that there was something deeper. After several years of continued study, in 2004 she went to her first Vedic Astrology class and she knew that she had finally found her niche. She felt her life change and was led onto her path of Kriya Yoga and studies of Eastern philosophy. She took the unique opportunity to study in person with well known Master astrologer Joni Patry. Joelle believes that we are all supposed to know how the Universe works and astrology is a valuable tool in doing so. She loves to serve and help others through following her heart and teaching this ancient Vedic Science. She is known for her clear and systematic approach in teaching and reading charts. Her background in both Western and Eastern astrology lends to this style. She is on the faculty for the University of Vedic Astrology and writes for several astrology and ayurvedic magazines and blogs. Her other passion is ayurveda and ayurvedic nutrition. She has an interned with and assisted several accomplished ayurvedic chefs, learning how the spices can heal and benefit one's health. She loves to be in the kitchen preparing beautiful ayurvedic meals when time allows outside of her astrology practice. Joelle is available for personal readings and conducts workshops and classes. | | fb: joelle foster vedic astrologer