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Healing Your Body Is Your Choice ~ Make It Now! Call Heidi Nordlund at 720.771.8534 to find out which path of healing is ideal for you: • Ayurvedic Consultations via phone or in person (enjoy the benefits of dietary and lifestyle plans, personalized herbal formulas, Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Guidance, Marma Point therapy and traditional Ayurvedic treatments) • Heidi Healing (long distance healing) • Tibetan Cranial • Yoga and Meditation • Postpartum AyurDoula Services The multifaceted developmental and healing modalities that Heidi offers are consistently effective in improving health and wellness resulting in enhanced vitality and well-being. Clients find inspiration and healing in her practical skills and caring wisdom resulting from many years of specialized training and practice. If you are ready to transform yourself, Heidi is ready to empower and to assist you in rejuvenating your state of health to one of optimal vibrancy and vitality. Heidi was born and raised in Denmark; she moved to the United States in 2002 to engage with enduring dedication in an ongoing deepening learning and application of spiritual healing disciplines. Heidi continues to deepen and advance her spiritual connection through personal dedication to devotional practices. Call Heidi Nordlund to Schedule an Appointment 720-771-8534

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Ayurvedic Recipes For New Moms: Yummy Quinoa Pudding

After childbirth, every new Mom’s digestive power is diminished and her need for nourishing and delicious foods is very high. Appropriate nutrition during postpartum will minimize difficulties for both Mom and her breastfeeding baby. Quinoa, pronounced keen-wah, is a high-protein seed native to South America. It comes from the Andes Mountains where it was once a staple food for…

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