Gauri DesRochers

About the Author Gauri DesRochers

Gauri DesRochers is a Mantra Instructor and a Jyotisha (eastern astrologer). Jyotish means eyes or light of God. Gauri has been practicing yoga, mantra and meditation for over 16 years. A few years ago she also started doing pujas. She was influenced by Namadeva or Thomas Ashley Farrand who taught mantras. Gauri spent most of the last seven years in India at her guru's ashram chanting millions of mantras as well as doing other austerities which makes her teaching very authentic and brings the energy to the students from her associated lineage as a gurukula or satsang. As a Jyotisha, she was trained in India directly by a monastic. Gauri is a Sanskrit name meaning "The Devi who was burned by the fires of yoga and reborn in the Himalayas". Gauri is also a form of Paravati (feminine form of Shiva). Gauri's mission is to use Jyotish to help people understand their karma and spiritual lessons for this lifetime and then use mantras to help burn their karma and work towards liberation. She lives eight months of the year with her guru in India and continues to study under her Jyotish mentor. 860 205 7263