The August Full Moon occurs in the early hours of the 18th at 03:27 while moving through Aquarius and Dhanishta nakshatra. An almost lunar eclipse occurs at 03:42, sparking an unusual eclipse portal that will last until the end of September. Sun, Earth, and Moon will be very closely aligned on this day, but there will technically be no lunar eclipse.

What this August Full Moon means

This is an important time of awakening for you and for the planet. It is an opportunity to return to a more balanced and integrated relationship with power and purpose- the masculine.

This cycle expresses immense creative potential, increasing bravery and courage as well as proprioception of self in relation to time and space. Power is activating and increases your ability to see yourself more fully. This newfound awareness supports dharmic wisdom and deep inner awakening. It’s time to expand what you think is possible for yourself!

Change arrives with your effort and determination. There is great healing available right now, but you must be willing to fearlessly face your shadows and ancestral wounding. This includes your grief, both personal and familial. Gather the necessary support, resources and guidance to activate and enliven your healing process.

Remember that during an eclipse portal, it is not advised to start new ventures.

This is an inward time in many regards. Cultivate your ideas and resources, but don’t begin new projects during this time. Once the eclipse cycle has ended after September 16th, it will be a more favorable time to begin new offerings.

*All timing is given in Pacific Standard Time Zone.

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