We all feel stressed or hyper tensed at times. We all carry responsibilities and expectations which make us run faster and faster in the race of life. Though this race is essential and necessary, it shouldn’t be made at the cost of our health.

Our heart is the victim of this race. Whenever we feel stressed, hyper tensed, depressed, or lose sleep the heart directly or indirectly suffers. Though many of us are sincere and aware of our health, sometimes we miss out on some very simple remedies which are helpful to overall health.

Today, let’s talk about one such beautiful remedy for the heart: Arjuna.

Ancient texts of Ayurveda contain some of the most efficient and vitalizing remedies to nourish and revitalize the heart muscles. One such powerful remedy is Arjuna and I’m going to share the best way to take it. First let’s look at the fabled origins of Arjuna.

The name ‘Arjuna’ takes us back to the epic Indian classic ‘Mahabharata’. One of the five brothers who were fighting for the good cause was Arjuna. It was Arjuna to whom lord Krishna gave the message of Bhagvad Geeta. Arjuna was the protector. As Arjuna protected all by his state-of-the-art archery skills and won victory over evil, the tree was given the name “Arjuna”. It’s a protector of our heart and our life.

Arjuna is a commonly grown tree in India. The whitish color of its bark is the distinct feature of Arjuna. Out of the whole tree, the bark carries optimum importance. Acharya Vagbhatta (7th century AD) in his Ayurveda text ‘Ashtanga Hridaya’ writes about Arjuna bark. He has suggested the milk decoction of Arjuna for all kinds of heart diseases. Today, various research has proven that Arjuna bark is one of the most effective remedies for all kinds of heart disease including myocardial infarction, muscular weakness or ventricular dysfunction. Researchers have claimed that Arjuna has capabilities to even reverse heart failure conditions.

Arjuna Milk Decoction (Ksheerapaka) – A home remedy Heart Tonic

It is very easy to make a milk decoction of Arjuna. All you need is Arjuna bark powder, milk and water.

Take one part of Arjuna bark powder (e.g. 10 grams), 8 parts of milk (e.g. 80 ml.) and 32 parts of water (e.g. 320 ml.). Put them all together in a vessel on the stove. Heat this over a low flame and stir continuously until all the water has evaporated. For example, 400 ml of this mixture should yield roughly 80 ml remaining. Arjuna Ksheerapaka is ready. Consume it warm after filtering.

Arjuna is not only proven excellent in heart disease, but also in various other chronic conditions. In Ayurveda, Arjuna is used in bone and joint disorders like fractures. Arjuna is also a potent anti-oxidant and anti-microbial agent. It is rich in calcium.

Versatile Arjuna is one of the most recognized supplements worldwide. Arjuna is available in different forms. Though, Ayurveda prefers the milk decoction of Arjuna Bark, the fermented preparation of Arjuna (Arjunarishtam), tablets and capsules of Arjuna are also widely available.