Vulvodynia (burning or stinging pain in the vaginal entrance) is an uncommonly common problem amongst those with IC (interstitial cystitis). Yet it’s not fully recognized for its severity and sexual debility. It’s like it’s taboo to talk about female sexual function as a problem.

As part of the IC bladder pain syndrome (GERD, IBS, fibromyalgia, chronic prostatitis) vulvodynia actually mirrors the sexual dysfunction that occurs in men with chronic prostatitis.

It must be addressed in order for the IC community to make some sense of the IC bladder pain syndrome.

Vulvodynia:  Referred Neural Pain

Most have heard of ‘referred pain’ from organs in the body. The most commonly talked about referred patterns are those that center around heart pain or angina.

When the heart is deprived of blood the muscle complains and nerve pathways are stimulated that produce pain at different and distant sites such as the left wrist, neck, left jaw area, and sometimes even between the shoulder blades in the back.

Vulvodynia is also referred pain but in this situation coming from pelvic nerve irritability of the pelvic nerve plexus itself, not from the bladder itself.  The origin and reason for such pain is baffling for modern science to figure out. How do the pelvic nerves get involved? What process leads to such involvement?

As I have written about in the past the Ayurvedic energy pattern of physiologic movement in the body is Vata and the system that moves the most in the body is the nervous system…hence Vata as an energy pattern plays a central role in nervous system function.

When the Vata energy pattern becomes excessive in the colon specifically it tends to move directly from the lower rectum into the pelvic nerve system of nervous tissue. When Pitta is present as well the Vata energy pattern can “carry” this energy pattern into the nervous tissue of the pelvis as well.

There is no pain without Vata in the body so transient, movable, shifting, sucking type pain can occur in areas of the body that are innervated by pelvic nerves involved. When Pitta is brought into the picture, burning sensations are prominent.

3 Ayurvedic Solutions for Vulvodynia

So this is the energy science anatomical and physiologic setup for vulvodynia and as a matter of fact for chronic prostatitis as well. What to do?

1. Basti

Since the origin of the imbalance leading to the pelvic nerve involvement is the colon and specifically the lower rectum, using herbal medicated solutions to bring the Vata energy pattern back to the colon where it can be eliminated is an effective way of dealing with this problem.

The term basti simply means enema but this is a specialized form of enema in that herbs create a saturated solution that have a direct effect on the colonic mucosal surface.

2. Herbal Formula

The use of herbs to deal with the individual energetic imbalances is part of dealing with the overall disease process that is taking place in the body.

3. Maintaining GIT Health

As I have written about in many past blogs the health of the GIT (gastrointestinal tract) is paramount for anyone wishing to take on this type of healing discipline. If you keep making imbalancing choices and not paying attention to the details of Ayurvedic energy science nutrition then the first two solutions will not work.

To Health as a Skill
Dr. Bill

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