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I have known Jennifer Eddinger at Ayurveda Next Door since November of 2014. What impressed me most was the quality and depth of articles on her website and her own insights.

Being an Ayurvedist and founder of Ayurvedic skincare line, SkinVeda, I got in touch with Jennifer to see if we could collaborate. She immediately took this seriously and interviewed me over the phone. Within a week, she had a beautiful introduction about me and my skincare line. I was impressed with her succinct writing and content. This led to a lot of inquiries from people who are followers of her blogs and most turned into SkinVeda customers. The response was so great that we decided to do a SkinVeda campaign through Ayurveda Next Door where I would submit tips every week on skin care and this turned out to be great marketing for my line.

I have since then been collaborating with her, from a Mother’s Day giveaway to most recently been honored to author articles through her website. I would strongly recommended everyone looking for a platform that is in-sync with Ayurveda and Yoga to contact Jennifer and she would take every project to heart.

Shilpi Jain