Vision Statement

Our vision is to offer a comprehensive online resource for locating Ayurvedic practitioners and centers worldwide. People seeking Ayurveda need a central online site to view and compare what is available in Ayurvedic health. It is our goal to offer that for the community.

Mission Statement

Ayurveda Next Door connects individuals to Ayurvedic professionals, schools, centers and clinics. Our blog, community of contributors and professional online directory will assist seekers of Ayurveda and practitioners and organizations globally.

Ayurveda Next Door aims to be a highly visible, comprehensive, and thorough resource for those seeking greater health and well being through the science of Ayurveda.

Our Logo

The Ayurveda Next Door logo is an emblem of whole health. It’s an original design created by founder Jennifer Eddinger. It symbolizes vitality, aliveness, joy and freedom from dis-ease. We thought it the perfect symbol for Ayurveda, the ‘science of life’.

The logo’s form is reminiscent of a ‘tree of life’, the age old symbol of vitality.

In the practice of yoga nidra, one consciously and systematically relaxes 61 points on the body. In total relaxation, one’s life energy is unified like the branches of our logo. Good health is attainable. May you find what you’re seeking.