Holiday get-togethers always involve a little indulgence and you know what? That’s okay! Delicious food is one of the great pleasures of life. Even when it comes to holiday goodies, you CAN have something over-the-top tasty as well as healthy.

The trick to healthy holiday eating is to digest your food well. Don’t over-eat. Take a walk after meals and give your digestive system a little support. And when it comes to the goodies, the sweet taste is actually beneficial for you (in moderation, of course).

So for healthy holiday treats choose fresh, homemade desserts every time. Processed, store-bought sweets lack prana or vital life energy and may likely contain preservatives and additives not to mention bucket loads of sugar. Wholesome ingredients like fruits, vegetables or healthy fats can really increase the nutritional value of these foods.

7 Healthy Homemade Holiday Goodies

We curated this selection of 7 healthy homemade holiday goodies just for you. These sweet treats are simple to make and full of nutrition. Enjoy your holiday season. Keep it healthy and homemade!

4 Ingredient Homemade Fudge

No sugar, butter, heavy cream or corn syrup. And yet, a ‘classic fudgy texture’. It’s made with honey, coconut oil, cocoa powder and almond butter and it’s easy to make. Remember the ‘never fail fudge’ recipe? We always failed that one. This recipe promises success. You just can’t go wrong with these yummy and gooey ingredients. Via Joanna Goddard at and Merriem at

Rosewater Rice Currant Balls

This recipe is pretty simple and quite lovely. Rosewater, basmati rice, currants, mint leaves, coconut flakes and coconut sugar, all rolled up into a delicious little ball. File these under sattvic which means pure, wholesome. Jenny Griffith of 

7 Healthy Homemade Holiday Goodies

Cashew Burfi, Indian sweet. Photo:

10 Minute Quick Cashew Burfi

Cashew burfi or kaju katli is a popular Indian sweet treat enjoyed during Navaratri and Deepaavali, traditional Indian festivals. It’s made with powdered cashews, sugar, water and ghee or coconut oil. If you haven’t yet had ghee in a sweet you’re going to fall in love. A little ghee in dessert adds a smooth heavenly deliciousness far superior to butter and oil. From the folks at

Coconut Cardamom Stuffed Dates

These little guys are naturally super sweet, creamy and delicious. The cardamom and cinnamon assists digestion. The cool coconut cream calms both vata and pitta dosha. Dates have super health benefits including minerals like magnesium and iron, and they’re great for the bowels. These will be a big hit with your friends and family. Britt Barrett of

Housemade Elderberry Tonic

Elderberries are great for your immune system and Housemade Elderberry Tonic makes a delightful addition to your holiday festivities. First make an Elderberry Syrup with dried elderberries, cloves, fresh ginger and honey. Get the recipe here. Add a teaspoon to tonic water (or for a more adult version, Prosecco) and enjoy. Elderberry Syrup can be used in a variety of yummy ways and makes a great DIY gift too! Sarah Murphy at

Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Blondies

These gluten-free and vegan blondies can also be made with pumpkin puree. They contain molasses and pumpkin pie spices. Top them with salted caramel sauce or whipped coconut cream if you’re feeling like doing it up. Sweet potatoes are great for vata and pitta dosha. Richa Hingle of

Carrot Halwa

We found this Carrot Halwa recipe on Apartment Therapy’s sister site, The Kitchn. Carrot Halwa is also known as gajar ka halwa. It’s made with grated carrots, whole milk, spices, raisins and sugar, and it’s delicious!

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