India is a land of temples. Throughout India, temples can be found in every town and city. The usual practice is to go to temples to seek blessings and to find solutions for your problems.

But there are also some unusual temples in India which are attracting quite a bit of tourist traffic because of the bizarre story attached to them. These temples are quite different from the usual ones.

If you want to go on a slightly different exploration, give these unusual temples of India a visit. The experience will not be short of peculiar discoveries, we promise!

6 Unusual Temples In India1. Sri Yagnati Temple

Located in Kurnool in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Yagnati Temple is primarily devoted to the worship of Lord Shiva, the destroyer force in the Hindu trinity of gods. Along with Lord Shiva, his consort the goddess Parvati and his mount Nandi (a bull) are also worshipped here. The mystery that this temple beholds is regarding the Nandi idol that stands in front of the temple. This idol is literally growing in size continuously and it is believed that at the end of the Kali Yuga this idol will come alive.

6 Unusual Temples In India2. Jwala Ji Temple

Jwala means flame in Hindi and taking a cue from the name itself, we would like to tell you that this temple has eternal flames burning constantly. Situated in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, the number of flames are usually seven or nine which represent either seven divine sisters in Hindu mythology or nine avatars of the goddess Durga respectively.

6 Unusual Temples In India3. Om Banna Shrine

There is a shrine near Jodhpur in Rajasthan that is dedicated to the worship of a Royal Enfield Bullet. History says that the owner of this bike, Om Banna was traveling on it when he lost control of his bike and hit a tree leading to his death. After that, despite several futile attempts by the police to keep the bike in the police station, it always returned to the accident spot on its own. This miraculous bike was then worshiped by the villagers and a shrine was constructed eventually. People come here to seek blessings for a safe journey.

6 Unusual Temples In India4. Leaning Shiva Temple

Every one of us knows about the leaning tower of Pisa but have you ever come across a leaning temple and that too a submerged one? Well in India there is one. Located in the city of ghats Varanasi, the leaning Shiva temple is on Scindia Ghat. It is partly immersed into the holy water of river Ganga and is abandoned.

Stambheshwara Mahadeva Temple5. Stambheshwara Mahadeva Temple

This temple located in the state of Gujarat is again dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. It disappears at the time of high tide and remains submerged under the water only to reappear again when there is low tide. The reappearing Shiva temple is a site to behold.

6 Unusual Temples In India6. Karni Mata Temple

Rajasthan has one more mysterious temple called the Karni Mata temple that is populated with lots of rats. These rats are worshipped and offered Prasad and milk as they are believed to be an incarnation of Karni Mata (avatar of Goddess Durga) and her children.

Photos: Travelogy India