If you’re moving too fast and trying to do too many things at once, then you are only skimming the surface of life and losing vitality and joy. Here are six simple things you can do to feel better right now!

Start any one of these today and then add one each week to improve your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health:

1.  Show reverence, respect and appreciation when you SIT down to eat. Having quiet, peaceful surroundings will help. Eat in silence or with light, easy conversation. Do not eat if you are angry or upset. Calm down first.

2.  Chew your food and stop eating at the first burp. Digestion begins in the mouth. If you don’t chew the food to liquid then the digestive enzymes don’t get to do their job and the food will not be digested. The result is indigestion and uncomfortable physical symptoms. If this persists over time it creates an environment for disease.

3.  Keep a regular schedule of eating and sleeping. Regularity in your schedule will keep you strong. Your digestive fire allows you to process food and all of life successfully. If it is weak, things don’t go well inside which means you won’t feel well. Your digestive fire is the main component of vitality and immunity.

4.  Set an alarm for taking a pause 3 times daily. Stop what you are doing, take twelve slow, deep, conscious breaths. At the end, smile sweetly to yourself and then go about your day.

5.  Eliminate refined sugar. Enjoy maple syrup or honey instead. Removing an addictive substance such as refined sugar from your eating will have you feel better mentally and physically. Natural sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup can be used where something sweet is called for. Do not cook honey as it becomes toxic. It can be put in or on warm things for great enjoyment.

6. Make eating a spiritual time in your day where you connect with yourself and all that Is. You can do this so simply. It is a small portion of an entire day. Your well being and peace will make your life feel more fruitful and fulfilled.

Myra Lewin

Photo courtesy of Morguefile.com.