Each of us is unique and the field of toxicology that addresses cleansing is extremely complex and requires extensive diagnostic procedures in order to be precise. That being said all health care professionals agree that the right type and duration of exercise can support the body and mind to be cleaner by boosting metabolism.

While yoga is much more than exercise it’s similarities with exercise give it credence as a supportive cleansing modality within the scientific community.

The premise of Ayurvedic cleansing is to ignite the digestive fire known as Agni. It is through balanced Agni that our bodies are able to remove physical, mental and emotional toxicity. By awakening the fire of intelligence within our body we easily let go of toxins.

The Ayurveda + Yoga Connection

Many years ago I completed a yoga teacher training in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and began a walkabout that would take me far into Guatemala.

While there I found a brochure I was given during my teacher training for a yoga studio in Arizona. On a whim I wrote asking for a job. In response I received an offer to teach for 9 months while the owner of the yoga studio was in India.

After buses, planes and hitchhiking I arrived in Prescott, AZ where I would teach yoga for my first time. It was during my time in Prescott that I learned about Ayurveda and how to cleanse the body with its techniques.

In teacher training I was exposed to yoga philosophy, anatomy and many other aspects of yoga. Ayurveda explained a way to cleanse the body and to support the physical asanas and the meditation practice. To this day I still do an Ayurvedic cleanse twice a year, learning from my experiences and modifying when needed.

As I became an Ayurvedic practitioner I felt the call to share what I had learned from my experience. Many obstacles were overcome in order to make this a reality and now it is ready to be shared. Yoga for Cleansing, a 3-DVD set of 13 yoga workouts, was born out of that time of my life.

Yoga Poses For Cleansing

The below 5 yoga poses for cleansing awaken Agni, your digestive fire.

Disclaimer: Yoga is best learned by a teacher and so I offer these suggestions on poses, but recommend that you work with a yoga teacher who can give you timely feedback in order to learn them.

Gate Pose (variation)

This pose ignites Agni by creating balance and core strength.

5 Yoga Poses For Cleansing + Strengthening Agni

Plank Pose

This pose also works on balance and core strength. Allow the hips to be in line with the shoulders instead of below the shoulders.

5 Yoga Poses For Cleansing + Strengthening Agni

Revolved Triangle

This pose gently wrings out the internal organs and also heats up the body because of the effort in the legs.5 Yoga Poses For Cleansing + Strengthening Agni

Revolved Supine Twist

This pose also works the internal organs keeping them strong

5 Yoga Poses For Cleansing + Strengthening Agni

Tree Pose

Balancing poses centralize the energy so that is can be harnessed.

5 Yoga Poses For Cleansing + Strengthening Agni

I hope this supports your journey towards a lighter, cleaner and more alive you.

Featured Photo: Morguefile.com