Vastu Shastra or Vastu plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Vastu is the ancient Vedic science of home design. Proper home design brings prosperity, health and happiness. It is calculated on the basis of analytical science, not on assumptions. The best part about Vastu Shastra is that it is simple and easy to follow. It allows great flexibility in home design, so that builders can easily design and build homes according to Vastu principals.

Vastu is basically based on the 5 major elements of nature. These include Sun, Moon, Earth, Fire and Environment. It is important to balance all of nature’s elements to welcome prosperity into one’s life. Vastu Shastra brings harmony to the lives of all those people who follow it from their heart.

5 Vastu Shastra Tips Everyone Should Know

To live a good life, an individual needs three important things in his life: food, clothes and home. And while building a home of your choice, if you take care of the below given 5 Vastu tips, your life will be no less than that of a king’s.  


Bedroom is a place where you come, sit and relax and forget all your worries for the time being. It’s the only place in your home that allows you to have a sound sleep and get refreshed for the coming day. You spend almost one third of your life sleeping, and if it is designed as per Vastu Shastra, it can actually bring the best outcome of that life.  

As per the astrology, the bedroom should be constructed in the South West or South side and the entrance to the bedroom should be facing the North or East side. This rule applies to all the bedrooms in the house.

Prayer Room

The prayer room is the most significant and religious place in your home. It is the only room where you place spiritual pictures of god, the deities or your teachers. The ideal direction to keep these photos is to be on the eastern side only. Make sure not to build the prayer room under the stairs, since it is not considered good for auspicious occasions. However, you can use that space for storage.


The kitchen is a place where you prepare tasty and delicious meals. As per Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should be located in the North East side of the home. It should not be designed above the bedroom, prayer room or toilet.


Every one of us has seen several times that bathrooms are designed anywhere in the house. This releases negative energy and cause disturbance among the family members. As per Vastu, it should be built in a specific location. The East side is considered as the best place to construct a bathroom.

Sleeping Direction

In order to have a peaceful night, you should sleep in a South to North direction. That is, your head should point South and legs towards the North direction. Placing your head in the east direction is also considered effective for students since it’s a place where you get a chance to inhale positive energy.

So these are a few Vastu tips that everyone can follow to fill the home with positive vibes. These will surely help you strengthen the bond among family members and release you from all your worries.

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