Have you tried establishing a regular yoga practice in the past but find that after a few weeks you become “too busy”, “too tired”, and just plain unmotivated? Many people who successfully get into this good habit do so by practicing in the morning as soon as they wake up.

Through trial and error I realized that practicing yoga as soon as I wake up is the most beneficial and realistic time. As a former “couch potato” myself, and now someone who has successfully established a morning exercise schedule that I’ve stuck to for over 5 years, I know the benefit of working out early.

Here are the reasons I keep coming back for more yoga almost every morning and why you should give it a try for yourself:

You are the most motivated in the morning-

Willpower is not infinite; every person only has so much of it to expend each day.

After a long day of working hard, catering to family needs, and dealing with the small annoyance that inevitably pop up, doing yoga or going to the gym can seem more like another task on your “to do” list than the reward & relaxation we are yearning for.

By practicing when your willpower is at its peak- right when you wake up– your yoga session won’t need to compete with all the other things that require your attention and effort throughout day.

You will be happier & calmer for the rest of the day –

Exercise, including yoga, releases powerful endorphins which make us feel more cheerful, optimistic, and relaxed; some even compare the feeling to that of taking mood enhancing drugs.

When we do yoga, we feel a sense of accomplishment. Feeling confident and proud that you did something positive for yourself, you are immediately in a better mood that carries over to the rest of your day.

By the time you get to the office, you’ve been up for several hours, took time to focus on yourself, and likely worked up a good sweat and appetite for breakfast. You will find that you are much more productive in the early hours of your day as a result, which could relieve your stress and workload for the remainder of the day.

The more you feel the positive effects that yoga and exercise has on your mood, job performance, and general outlook, the more you will want to keep practicing.

You don’t allow for time consuming distractions to pop up-

You may plan to do yoga later in the day after getting home from work or completing some errands, but then your boss needs you to work late, your children need a ride somewhere, and your friends make intriguing plans. Instead of assuming you will have time later, use the time you know is available; for many of us this is the couple of hours before work starts.

Prioritize the things that make you feel great like yoga and meditation, so you guarantee you will have time to get it done. This leaves the rest of your day more open and flexible for whatever happens to pop up. It’s a nice feeling coming home from work knowing that your night is free, or at least that one less thing needs to get done.

You’re more likely to watch what you eat throughout the day-

Knowing how hard you worked in the morning makes you want to avoid “blowing it” throughout the day by eating junk, because you won’t want to undo all of your effort. Also, the feeling of calmness and confidence that yoga brings about makes us less likely to turn to food out of comfort.

Your sleep schedule will become more regular & beneficial-

Knowing you are going to a yoga class early in the morning is good motivation to get to bed on time.

I know that when I personally have a 7am class to look forward to, I make sure I’m sleeping by 10 or 11pm. By waking up earlier to fit in a workout before work, you are likely to be tired earlier in the evening and in turn more easily able to fall asleep and rest well throughout the night.

A deeper sleep cycle and a routine sleeping schedule allows us to have more stable energy throughout the day overall.

While it initially may take some getting used to practicing early in the morning, especially if you aren’t a morning person, committing to this can reap huge benefits. Give it a try for a few weeks and see if you start feeling like many do: motivated, energized, well rested, and happier after your morning yoga session.


Do you practice yoga in the morning?
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