Ayurveda is an ancient medicine and the mother of so many healing modalities. It has been gaining popularity in the west with people like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Oz and Oprah talking about it!

I am so happy that it is becoming more popular. As a holistic health practitioner who has studied everything from aromatherapy to yoga, I find that Ayurveda has something for everybody. It’s as simple or complex as you would like it to be and it can go from incorporating a few lifestyle changes here and there to a full-on lifestyle!

1. Ayurveda is Easy

When you do your first dosha test and try to figure out your Ayurvedic daily regime it can look complicated. But really, Ayurveda is all about nature. It’s about connecting to the breath and getting right down to the basic science of life.

When we are connected to our breath, we slow down. When we slow down we get in touch with how we feel and learn how our body, mind and heart react to what we put into it. This enables us to be the intelligent owners of our body.

When our body is happy, our mind will be clear and free from worry. When our mind is happy we will be able to feel the intuition that speaks to us from our heart. When we are connected to our intuition we will be in sync with nature and flow with the seasons, the elements and with Spirit.

Ayurveda has the potential to teach us to take care of our body, to inhabit our entire being and reach for our highest potential!

2. Simple Changes Make a Significant Difference

As a yoga teacher I used to feel desperate to encourage people to practice asana because I knew the difference it made in my life. The thing is, not everybody has significant time to set aside each day for practice.

I began seeking other ways to help people – quick fixes they could easily incorporate into their daily lives that would have a quick impact. To my delight, Ayurveda is FULL of them!

  • Massaging marma points can truly impact the way a person feels!
  • Changing the colors you use to decorate your home or wear on your body can have a huge impact on health
  • Ingesting the right herb or food at the right time can shift things dramatically
  • Massaging your body with the oil that suits you best can change your anxiety level, reduce stiffness and improve energy
  • Applying essential oils to the right points on your body can affect emotions, release physical pain and instill inner peace

3. Money doesn’t Matter

I have had many clients come to me and tell me how much they are paying for supplements or exotic concoctions.

Now I am not criticizing any modality. But I am just saying, Ayurveda can range from really expensive treatments in exotic five star hotels in India, to simple grass-roots consultations with diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Ayurveda is all about the kitchen garden, growing your own herbs or finding things that grow locally.  It’s all about getting back to nature and finding simple ways to make your medicine your food, and your food your medicine.

In the science and art of Ayurveda food, colour, aroma, even the feel of things is healing. It is a modality that heals you through your senses!

I have suggested at times treatments as simple as lying outside under the warm sun and drawing the energy of the sun into the chakra sites or applying organic sesame oil all over. These treatments are free or close to free and easy to attain! Plus they feel good.

People are often so surprised at the simplicity of the treatments in Ayurveda and the fact that they are so low cost. They almost wonder if they will work at first but I am here to tell you; in my fifteen year practice I usually have been able to suggest herbs that cost under $20 a month. The protocols are easy to follow and are effective.

I hope this article inspires you to begin to explore the art and science of Ayurveda! Discover the beauty of healing through your senses and develop a deep connection with nature so you can understand yourself – as a natural being!