Any diet which aggravates the doshas but does not eliminate them from the body is called viruddha ahara or contradictory foods. If contradictory foods are consumed repeatedly, it puts a load on the digestive fire producing ama or toxins. This naturally can lead to any disease in the body.

Here’s 17 types of contradictory foods to avoid.

1. Place

The type of food which is beneficial in a cold region may not prove to be beneficial in a hot region. This is because of the different geographical habitat. In (Anupa) marshy place, oily and cold substances like cream and yogurt should be avoided; in (Jangala) arid zones, dry and hot substances like red chile powder should be avoided.

2. Time

In winter, avoid dry and cold foods; in summer, avoid hot and pungent food because the weather changes require the food of opposite quality. Stick to warm foods in winter and cool foods in summer.

3. Digestive power (Agni)

Every individual has its own specific digestive power which converts food to body tissues. Due to this specificity, certain individuals can eat large amounts of heavy food, while others are healthy only if they eat less and light food. When Agni is low, eating heavy, too oily food is contradictory.

4. Proportion of food substances

Certain food combinations in certain proportions is not good for the body. Honey and ghee in equal quantity is contradictory and becomes a poison to the body.

5. Food habitat (Satmya)

While advising diet to any individual, his habitual tolerance to foods must be taken into consideration. Using sweet, cold food by a person who is accustomed to pungent and hot food may not go over well.

6. State of health

Vata aggravating substances like dry, cold foods should not be given to the person who is occupied in heavy manual work and excessive exercise.

7. Order

Do not take food before attending to nature calls.

8. Indication

Eating hot food after consuming pork is contradictory.

9. Contra-indication

Do not eat cold food after taking of ghee.

10. Cooking

The source of heat used for cooking e.g. gas, electricity, microwave etc. is very important to understand its effect of the body. It may add or subtract the total effects on the tissues and doshas. Similarly methods like roasting, frying, baking etc. have different effects. Microwave destroys Prana from the food. Eating uncooked or overcooked food is contradictory.

11. Combination

Mixing sour substances with milk is contradictory.

12. Palatability

Eating food, which is unpalatable, will not produce proper effects. It may create disgust or nausea.

13. Richness in quality

Eating food which has no taste (food without salt) will not be properly digested.

14. Dosha

Do not use diet, drug and behaviors similar to the properties of aggravated doshas. Instead, use opposite qualities to bring balance to the doshas.

15. Processing

Due to particular procedures, edible substances can become poisonous. Honey that has been boiled or cooked at high heat becomes toxic to the system.

16. Potency

Mixing cold and hot substances should be avoided. Eating ice cream with hot chocolate fudge. Drinking cold fruit juices together with hot tea or coffee.

17. Bowels

Give dry figs or mild laxatives to the person having constipation.

Incompatible Food Combinations

Milk is incompatible with – Banana, fish, meat, curd & sour fruits.

Starches are incompatible with – Eggs, milk, banana, and dates.

Nightshades (potato, tomato, eggplants) are incompatible with –yogurt, milk, melons, and Cucumber.

Yogurt is incompatible with – sour fruits, hot drinks, fish, meat, mangoes, and cheese.

Lemon is incompatible with – Yogurt, milk, cucumber, and tomatoes.