Sunday, May 11th is your day to pamper mom. What will you do to show you care? Here’s our Mother’s Day Gift Guide with ideas for the yoga lifestyle  – gifts that balance and inspire. There’s seven great Ayurveda influenced gift suggestions plus eight Ayurveda books hand selected specially for mothers. We may just put a handful of these together in a basket.

Pushpa or Flowers

file0001030701913Flowers have been used as therapy in India for thousands of years. Pushpa Ayurveda, or flower therapy was developed by Jain priests as a form of medicine that complies with ahimsa or non-violence. Flowers are potent carriers of energy. They brighten the day and are wonderful to receive. They’re also a great way to welcome in the Spring season. Send mom an Organic Bouquet or bring her something for the outdoor gardens. The benefits of working in the dirt are well known.


Spa Treatments

aTreat mom to a special Ayurveda spa therapy. An Ayurveda massage or abyangha balances the doshas and clears the mind and body of toxins. Traditionally given by two therapists, abyangha is powerful in its own right. The bliss-inducing shirodhara therapy is also nourishing, calming and deeply relaxing. Shirodhara melts away stress and revitalizes the nerves in a unique and profound way. Warm oil pours over the forehead or ‘third eye’ for 20-30 minutes.


Ayurveda Facial Wash

saradaSarada Ayurvedic Remedies uses traditional formulas free of chemicals and preservatives. This Face Wash is a blend of herbs and minerals and gently exfoliates, removes toxins/dirt/make-up and also relaxes the facial muscles.



Hair Oil

Healthy-Hair-12ozBanyan Botanicals Healthy Hair Oil (4 oz) is an all-organic product composed of sesame and sunflower oils along with five Ayurvedic herbs traditionally known to support the growth and strength of the hair. Bhringaraj, brahmi, amalaki, hibiscus and rose also do a dual action in supporting sound sleep.



Women’s Health Tea

harmon1Pukka harmonise Tea contains chamomile, shatavari, hibiscus, rose, licorice and vanilla. This blend is sweet, all-organic and perfect for the female system. Shatavari or asparagus racemosus is traditionally used in Ayurveda to support women’s health and fertility.



Cleanse Kits

RegularKitA cleanse kit may be the perfect gift, especially when you promise to go through it together. The Banyan Botanicals Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit contains all the ingredients for an at-home cleanse: basmati rice, mung beans, kitchari spices, ghee, triphala tablets, sesame oil and a detoxifying tea. One stop shopping and you’re ready to go.



Skin Cream

YS-CreamMaharishi Ayurveda Youthful Skin Cream (1.75 oz) is an all-natural product that contains five Ayurvedic herbs in a base of macadamia and sunflower oils. A March review noted it acted as a cure for sun damage when traditional therapies didn’t work. We’re intrigued.



8 Ayurveda Books for Mom

balh1Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life‘ is a woman’s guide to combating stress, overwork, and hormone imbalance with clear and easy to understand information on how to restore balance. A fabulous book for the professional woman, full of practical information you can use today to take charge of your health and well being. Written by Dr. Claudia Welch, renowned Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Ayurveda practitioner.



coverNot a vegetarian? No problem. ‘Eat Well, Be Well‘ by Lois Leonhardi provides recipes for any westerner looking for something beyond the usual curry. Special dietary needs (gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and non-vegetarian) are acknowledged, and recipes are designed to be balancing to everyone.



Myra Lewin is the founder of Hale Pule Ayurveda & Yoga in Hawaii. She’s a wealth of information and a sound voice in healing with Ayurveda. Here is Simple Ayurvedic Recipes, the companion cookbook to Freedom in Your Relationship with Food: An Everyday Guide. The recipes are simple, nourishing and satisfying. They are highly beneficial for those recovering from illness and also for those seeking preventative health.






Terra Rafael is a Registered Midwife and a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner. She is a 2001 graduate of the Alandi Ayurvedic Gurukula, an author, teacher, and Maya Abdominal Therapy practitioner. Ayurveda for the Childbearing Years fills a gap in published Ayurveda teachings on this important time in women’s lives.






Dr. Vinod Verma is the founder and director of The New Way Health Organization. Called the ‘First Lady of Ayurveda’, Dr. Verma is the author of 23 books on yoga and Ayurveda and a respected authority on the subject. The Natural Glamour: The Ayurveda Beauty Book (B&W)looks at internal and external ways of beautifying the body and mind which can be done at home. Also published in German and Spanish.





Maya Tiwari, otherwise known as Mother Maya, has lived an incredible life. Healing from cancer at the age of 23, Mother Maya became a student of the Vedas. The Path of Practice: A Woman’s Book of Ayurvedic Healingcontains recipes, meditations and insights for women of any tradition.







Elaine J. Keller’s LIGHT YOUR FIRE; The Ayurveda Diet for Weight Loss is a comprehensive guide to Ayurveda basics and weight loss. Elaine is an established writer of fiction and non-fiction. Her family has been involved in natural healing for many years. Her brother, healed of a heart-defect at two years of age, is now a chiropractor in the tradition of Edgar Cayce. Her parents run a radio show on alternative medicine,






Pratima Raichur is a recognized expert on skincare. Absolute Beauty: Radiant Skin and Inner Harmony Through the Ancient Secrets of Ayurvedais a great gift for the yogini interested in beauty care from the yogic perspective of Ayurveda. It contains nutritional information, detox methods, advice for addressing skin problems and how to determine your skin-type.