Summer recipe ideas are always a challenge because when it’s warm, who wants to turn on the heat and do some cooking?

Well, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite Ayurvedic summer recipes from across the web to keep your pitta dosha cool, your agni (metabolic fire) kindling and your body and mind satisfied. We love these summer recipes for their ingenuity, appropriateness for the season, ease and flavor. Bookmark this post for easy reference and Ayurvedic summer recipes inspiration.

Kitchari Burgers

A nice summer kitchari option to enjoy and share kitchari in the summer. Practitioner Laura Plumb adds psyllium husk (or egg if you prefer) as a binder. We like to do them in little balls occasionally as ‘croquettes’ as well as burgers. Delish, well-loved and good for your doshas!

Sunflower Kale Salad

Ayurvedic practitioner Christina Vargas’ favorite salad, a warm kale (or collard) saute with roasted sunflower seeds.

Maple Dandelion Chips

Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Consultant Kate Schwabacher‘s amazing recipe for Dandelion Chips, with a touch of maple syrup. A self-professed ‘former kale chip addict’, Kate perfected the Dandelion Chip recipe and leaves us the creative details.

10 Ayurvedic Summer Recipes We Love

Photo of Persian Cucumber Salad by

Persian Cucumber Salad

Laura Plumb‘s heat-reducing (that’s you Pitta Dosha) salad of fingerling potatoes, persian cukes, arugula, romaine and cilantro. Fresh and mouthwatering.

Spelt Pizza With Roasted Veggies + Vegan ‘Cheese’

Vegan Ayurvedist Akshata Sheelvant blogs healthy takes on Indian and American traditional foods at This from-scratch pizza recipe uses healthier options for the traditional ingredients. Personalize it and savor every bite.

Grilled Cauliflower Steaks With Tahini And Spring Greens

This recipe (from is tagged ‘backyard-picnic-bbq’. We’re also tagging it ‘delicious’. Tahini is great for vata dosha and thus pairs nicely with cauliflower, known to provoke vata dosha.

Palak Paneer photo by

Palak Paneer photo by

Local Greens & Fresh Cheese (Palak Paneer)

A beautifully sattvic and balancing dish, this recipe is part of Adena Rose Bright’s Pitta e-Course, a seasonal¬† mini-course of healing diet and lifestyle routine for summer. We think it must be from heaven.

Summer Pasta With Cream Sauce

Maharishi Ayurveda’s al dente pasta casserole combines coconut milk, mozzarella, parmesan and fresh summer herbs for a creamy and cooling entree. Add the Pitta Churna spice mix for extra cooling power.

Split Peas-of-Mind: The 2-in-1 Meal

Myra Lewin‘s wholesome cooking is spot on nourishing all the while keeping in mind your busy schedule. This meal makes both lunch and dinner in one shot. Plus it’s got one of our favorite combinations: peas and carrots.

Summer Cream of Squash Soup

Practitioner and teacher Douchka Lecot (Yana Shala) recommended this perfect summertime soup. This is an easy recipe to make, with some nice flavorful touches for cooling Pitta dosha.

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